These days, hunters and golfers can’t go to the wild and the golf course, respectively, without having a long range rangefinder in their bag.

This shows how useful this optical equipment has become. The best long range rangefinder allows users to determine the distance of an object that is up to a mile away from the user. This, in turn, helps the golfer and hunter adjust his shot for better accuracy.

In shopping for a long range rangefinder, you will have to consider factors such as accuracy of the measurements, clarity of the images, object recognition, and durability. Other factors that can influence your buying decision are size and weight, ease of use, and price.

Best Long Range Rangefinders 2020

  1. Bushnell 202421 7x26 Elite 1 Mile ARC Laser Rangefinder
  2. Laser Rangefinder - 5-1600 Yards, Golf Rangefinder
  3. LaserWorks LW1000SPI Laser Rangefinder
  4. USCAMEL® HD 10x26 Binoculars Powerful Long Range
  5. Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Rangefinder
best long range rangefinder

This laser rangefinder can see objects up to a mile away. It offers 7x magnification and is equipped with Bushnel’s patented Extreme Speed Precision technology.

It is not the most affordable rangefinder in the market but the consensus among reviewers is that this one is worth the price tag.

Ease of Use

One of the first things you will notice about this rangefinder is how compact and easy it is to use. There are even reviewers on who claim that they were able to power up and practice it right out of the box.

They also like that it performs very well in clear and cloudy conditions. It’s not really surprising because Bushnell has always been known for quality products.


According to most reviews on, this one is very accurate even if the target is nearly a mile away.

There were golfers who say that accuracy dips a bit when the target is about 700 or more yards away, but they agree though that it would take some practice for them to get things right.

There are a few design flaws that golfers and hunters have been complaining about this unit. One is that the power button is too prominent that you’d likely press it every time you pull out the rangefinder out of its carrying case.

Another issue is that the range reading doesn’t last that long, at least in the opinion of some reviewers.

Laser Rangefinder Laser Rangefinder - Range : 5-1600 Yards

The manufacturer of this rangefinder, Unieye, may not ring a bell to most hunters and golfers.

But if we are to base it on the reviews on, this company has come up with a solid rangefinder with this product.

This rangefinder can provide sight for up to 1,600 yards, with 0.33 yard of accuracy. It’s not entirely designed for golfers as even hunters and engineers can use this rangefinder.

Ease of Use

Because this unit is made and shipped from China, the instruction manual isn’t really the best. However, hunters and golfers who’ve used a rangefinder before should have no troubles in getting acquainted with this unit.

It has two button controls that are easy to use. To switch between yards and meters, you’ll have to hold both buttons down.

In case you are getting a wrong reading, users suggest changing your position.


There haven’t been a lot of complaints as far as the accuracy of this unit. Those have used it say that it is fairly accurate, even when targeting objects up to a mile away.

Some have compared the distance measurements of the rangefinder to other more expensive units, and they say that it can hold its own against branded rangefinders.

Despite those strong points, it also has its fair share of downsides. One common issue is the black LCD readout. The screen is not backlit so it may be difficult to read the measurements in low light conditions.

This is another laser rangefinder that isn’t as expensive as Bushnell. Still, it has been getting a good number of positive reviews.

With its budget-friendly price and good design, it doesn’t take a genius to realize why it is highly recommended by several golfers and hunters.


This rangefinder can help you get a closer look of objects up to 1,000 yards away from you. It offers a pretty decent 6x magnification. According to most comments posted on, this is an extremely accurate rangefinder.

Some hunters who have used this in the wild say they have improved their skills on many levels, that they can make accurate shots with the help of this rangefinder. It has many measurement modes, too, which can enable users to adapt to different scenarios.

There are some golfers, though, who say that the accuracy of the rangefinder dips when the object or target is beyond 800 yards.

Ease of Use

Generally speaking, all laser rangefinders work the same so you don’t really have to be an expert user to be able to find out how to use this unit.

Moreover, the rangefinder is so lightweight at 152 grams. That’s less than a pound! With such a lightweight body, this unit will pose no problems for most users even golfers and hunters with shaky hands.

But the lightweight and small frame of this rangefinder also poses some concern to people with big hands. Some golfers complain that they struggle to hold on to this unit because it is so small.

USCAMEL HD 10x26 Binoculars

This is another proof that you don’t have to shell out a lot of money in order to get your hands on a quality long range rangefinder.

Again, this isn’t made by Bushnell and other top brands but it delivers the goods, so to speak.

It’s something I recommend to golfers, hunters, and even outdoor enthusiasts who want a budget-friendly rangefinder.


The 10x magnification of this unit makes it a great companion for golfers, hunters, and even sightseers.

Most reviewers say that the field of view is sufficient, although you would need a steady hand to get a good look at your target that’s up to a thousand yards away from you.

In terms of clarity, this long rangefinder gets a lot of high scores. Many reviewers say they are impressed with the optical clarity of the unit.

There are those who say that you would need a lot of lighting for the 10x magnification to work, but overall, the long range rangefinder is hard to beat when we talk of clarity.

Ease of Use

The rangefinder can also be adjusted to fit most users. A common feedback is that this binocular can fit small and big adult faces. The carrying bag and lanyard included in this package also make the unit more user-friendly.

Others are also in awe with the durability of this rangefinder. They say that the unit would continue to work even if dropped multiple times.

Nikon is a brand that we’re all familiar with. It’s one of the top brands or makers of rangefinders.

So you will be surprised to learn that the company produces affordable but high quality rangefinders like this one.

The 8397 Aculon is a reasonably priced but accurate laser rangefinder that I can recommend to anyone


When I bought this unit, I wasn’t really expecting it to be super accurate. After all, it was so affordable. But I was surprised that this one holds up pretty well when compared to other rangefinders.

I once compared the readings of this rangefinder to a Bushnell rangefinder, and the results were almost the same.

Since we know that Nikon is a top optics brand, then it’s not surprising that this rangefinder gives a very clear and natural view.

Its 6x magnification is quite good for a low-priced unit. The only real downside is that its range is limited to 550 yards, but didn’t I tell you that this is a cheap rangefinder?


What I like most about this rangefinder is its weight. It weighs only 4.4 ounces. It is so small that I think it’s even smaller than my phone. I can easily slip in my pocket, or in the front pocket of my shirt. I can even wear it around my neck.

This is a water resistant laser rangefinder that I highly recommend to golfers and hunters alike. It’s very affordable plus it comes from a reputable brand.

Final Verdict

Shopping for a long range rangefinder can be tricky especially if you haven't bought one in the past. Some models may look the same to you. And because of that, there's a good chance that you might just settle for the cheapest unit you can find.

But by picking a long range rangefinder in this list, you stand a greater chance of getting a good quality unit. These long range rangefinders are all well designed.

They've also been proven to perform well in the wild and the greens. Any of these models can be considered the best long range rangefinder today.