Golf is an outdoor game and golfers face many issues with various weather conditions. A little bit of rain and heavy winds can cause extreme disturbance to your game and can impact your game ability. Golf umbrellas are one of the most important accessories every Golfer must own to protect themselves and their club from rough climate.

Whenever weather goes to the extreme point, golf umbrella becomes your best protection and saves your game. Every golfer needs a peaceful game course, dry and safe golf course, protected environment to concentrate on the Golf game

Golf umbrellas differ from normal umbrellas in design, dimensions, shaft material, color, wind resistance and weather resistance. Golf umbrellas are carefully designed with all the innovative features that protect you from the harsh climate. Before purchasing the good golf umbrella, you need to consider few features of golf umbrellas. Here is the buying guide which explains you everything about golf umbrellas and top ten best golf umbrellas just for you.

Best Golf Umbrellas 2020

Best golf umbrella 2019

Buying Guide​

Investing in the golf umbrellas is a confusing task for many people. There are different types and models of golf umbrellas that are sold in the current market. Choosing a wrong one can be a waste of your time and also disturbs your golf game ability. You need to choose the best one to protect yourself from harsh weather. In this buying guide, you can find all the best qualities of golf umbrellas through which you can choose the one easily.


1. How did we pick:

After doing more than 100 hours of intense research with our expert team, speaking to experts in golf sport, referring to many resources, reading books about different types of equipment we have collected a lot of information. Golf umbrella's design is very different in shape, size, weight, and quality.


Size & Weight:

You have to remember that the size and weight of the golf umbrella must be larger and lighter. A golf umbrella must be light in weight as you have to carry it everywhere. The ideal weight of golf umbrella is 1-2 ounces and it should be portable. Also, the weight of golf umbrella should be sturdy enough to face the heavy weather. The weight should be comfortable to hold and easy to handle for a long time. The size of the golf umbrella should be in the diameter of 60-65 inches in size to cover most of the area. Few umbrellas can also size up to 70 inches. The larger diameter provides ultimate coverage.

Best Quality:

The golf umbrella must be made up of high-quality materials. You have to consider a number of factors to ensure the quality of the golf umbrella. The shaft and ribs of the umbrella must be made up of fiber glass which gives an umbrella protection from everything. Fiberglass is a wonderful material which is light in weight and provides strong protection from elements. It can also protect you from lightning strikes. Also, Nylon used in the upper portion must be of high quality and well treated to ensure water proof qualities. Double canopy umbrellas provide air vents which allow your umbrella to resist heavy winds. Golf umbrellas must be designed as high-quality products to ensure the protection of the user.


The diameter of the golf umbrella impacts the coverage area of the umbrella. In the golf umbrellas, coverage area must be high as it has to protect more area. A golf umbrella is a protection gear in golf game so it must cover larger portion to keep you safe. The umbrellas which have the diameter more than 60 inches have larger coverage area.


The materials used in the making of the umbrella impacts quality, durability and functionality of the golf umbrella. Most of the golf umbrellas are made up of fiberglass handles and shafts. The materials must be strong in nature in order to provide strength, stability, and durability to the umbrella.

Wind Resistance:

The golf umbrellas must be the wind resistant in nature. As harsh winds can distract your concentration on the Golf game, you need to select the umbrella which can resist heavy winds. Many umbrellas invert and bend in the cases of heavy winds and force winds. The golf umbrellas must be the wind tested and must resist winds up to 50 mph. Latestumbrellas are designed with special innovative features which make them strong and withstand heavy rains. Caponies which are sloped allows air to flow easily over the canopy and gives good ventilation to the air. It provides easy protection and keeps you secure.


Sun protection:


Golf umbrellas should offer sun protection and protect the user from harsh UV radiation. The outer layer of umbrellas must be plated with sun reflective material which can reflect the sun rays and keeps the user cool. You must check this feature if you are living in hotter regions.


The handle of the gulf umbrella must be ergonomic and easy to hold. Rubberized handles give you comfortable and stable grip on to the umbrella. Few handles are designed for both left handed and right handed people. Some of the golf umbrellas are designed with a non-slip design which helps the user to hold the umbrella more securely.


Rust proof:

Dominant hand

The handles, shaft, spreaders must be coated with chrome or stainless steel in order to prevent them from rust issues. This increases the functionality of the umbrella and increases the durability.

Auto open and close option:

Auto open and close feature is an option in some golf umbrellas in which user can close or open the umbrella with a single press on the button. This feature helps the user to operate the umbrella with a single hand and use it easily.



Golf umbrellas must last for a long time and durability of the umbrellas depends upon the quality of materials, design, brand, and utility.

2. Reasons to trust us:

In order to pick the best umbrellas, we have spent a lot of time on researching different kinds of resources about golf umbrellas. We have contacted experts in Golf to know their personal needs about Golf umbrellas, We have read different books about golf umbrellas to extract information about them. Golf umbrellas need to be constructed with a special design to resist extreme weathers and conditions. We have spoken to manufacturers of Golf umbrellas to know about their engineering techniques and designs. After collecting a huge amount of information, we have finalized the list and created this buying guide for you.

Trust Us

3. Why you should get this:

A golf umbrella is specially designed for golfers which can be used to protect them from sun and rain while playing golf. Golf umbrellas are larger than regular umbrellas that can cover the golfer and cart as well. Golf is an outdoor sport and involves a lot of extreme weathers. Normal umbrellas cover only little part and also can be bent during heavy rain or winds. Golf umbrellas are constructed with special features which make them strong, wind resistant, bigger in size, lighter in weight and protect golfers from rain and sun. Every Golfer must own a golf umbrella to enjoy the game safely.


4. How we tested:

The testing part in the selection of golf umbrellas is completely a fun task as we have to go out in rain and wind. We have conducted series of tests with our expert team under the supervision of experts and golfers. First, we have collected top thirty golf umbrellas in the present market and checked each product. We have filtered all the products based on the buying guide. We have selected top ten golf umbrellas and took them to our test session. In the test part, we gave all ten products to golfers to use them during golfing in heavy weather. The test day is an absolute hard weather day and we have faced heavy rain and winds all day. All the golfers used the golf umbrella in the extreme weathers. The golf umbrellas protected golfers from rain and the wind efficiently. The design of these umbrellas is perfectly designed for the golfers. We have finalized the products based on the results and all the products are best in all terms.


5. Care and maintenance:

Golf umbrellas need a very little care you just have to dry them and store them in a safe place. Protect the fiber and clean them frequently. Maintain the golf umbrellas simply and fold them after usage.


Top Ten Best Golf Umbrella Reviews In 2019

After reading the buying guide, we hope you got pretty good idea about the ideal qualities of best golf umbrellas. But where can you find the one with all those best qualities? There are hundreds of different options available for you in which you may have to invest your time and energy to purchase the best one. To avoid this problem we have filtered all the internet to choose the best products for you. Here is the list of top ten best Golf umbrellas.

Repel umbrella is our first choice in this list and one of the best golf umbrella with ultimate features. It is specially designed to protect you from angry of mother nature. It is designed with 9 resin reinforced fiberglass ribs that make this umbrella strong. Teflon technology used in the manufacturing of this umbrella repels water and other elements easily and instantly drys canopy. Auto close and open function helps you to operate the golf umbrella with one hand operation. It just weighs 15 ounces which make it super portable. Repel golf umbrella can be your best friend and goes to extremes to protect you from rain and weather.

This is an golf umbrella


  • Designed with 9 wind defying ribs which are made up of reinforced fiberglass that can withstand powerful winds.
  • It is automatic, compatible and super light.
  • It is designed with auto open and close function which helps you to operate it with one hand operation
  • It weighs just 1lb and easy to carry
  • It is coated with Teflon which makes it dry quickly. Teflon technology is a supreme water repellency technology which makes the umbrella water resistant.
  • It is designed with three fold chrome plated metal shaft. The strong metal frame gives it greater ability to resist heavy winds.
  • The handle is ergonomic, easy to hold and rubberized. The wrist strap helps you to hold it easily.


  • Best design
  • Teflon technology.


  • Handle is small

Procella Golf Umbrella is a strong umbrella that suits best for golfers. It is an extra large umbrella and can protect you and golf club. It is designed with Fiber glass shaft and ribs that can resist strong winds. Procella golf umbrella is available in many wonderful colors of Classic black, royal blue, green, white, red and navy blue in which you can choose your most favorite color. The handle is ergonomic, offers you non slip grip and consists of auto open pinch less feature. The design of this umbrella can resist winds up to 46 mph and protects you from extreme weather.

Porchela Umbreala review


  • Designed with a double layered canopy that can protect up to two people.
  • Shaft and ribs are designed with fiberglass which is strong and can resist strong winds.
  • It is large in size
  • It weighs just 1.1 pounds and easy to carry.
  • It is designed with double canopy mesh vent system which can allow resisting heavy winds.
  • Ribs and spreaders are rust proof.


  • Well designed.
  • Rust proof.
  • Wind proof


  • Poor rib design.

Shine golf umbrella can be your best friend if you are looking for a large umbrella that can provide protection from many people. It is an ideal umbrella for golfers who love to play golf in any type of weather. It can open up to a 62-inch arc, a 52inch diameter which is big in size. It is designed with double canopy and eight fiberglass ribs which make this umbrella windproof and can protect you from high winds. Automatic open button in this umbrella helps you to open this umbrella quick.

SHINE HAI Golf Umbrella


  • Designed with automatic open button through which you can open the umbrella with a simple button press on the handle. It opens fast without causing any discomfort.
  • It is designed with an ergonomic handle that gives you a comfortable grip and the most special thing about this handle is it can suit for both left and right handed users.
  • -It is 62-inch large which is typically large in size.
  • The double canopy construction and hardened steel frame in this umbrella give this umbrella windproof design.
  • It is a heavy duty umbrella and is light in weight.
  • It is designed with 190T nylon fabric which makes this umbrella water repellent and compatible.


  • Water repellent.
  • Light in weight.


  • A Little bit small.

EEZ-Y is one of the popular company designing innovative and high-quality products for a long time. This company ensures to give users the best quality, smarter, innovative and best products. EEZ-Y golf umbrella is made up of water repellent 210T fabric which gives you great protection and keeps the user dry even in heavy rains. It is a foldable, portable, compatible umbrella which can give the best for golfers.

EEZ-Y 58 Inch Portable Golf Umbrella Large Windproof Double Canopy - Automatic Open Strong Oversized Rain Umbrellas


  • It is 50"inch in size and large to protect you and your club.
  • It is designed with double canopy design.
  • It is a foldable golf umbrella.
  • It is made up of 21-T special water repellent fabric which keeps it dry.
  • The handle is ergonomic design and can offer you good grip


  • Water repellent fabric.
  • Large in size


  • Not windproof.

EEZ-Y golf umbrella is specially crafted with ultimate care to satisfy all the needs of customers. It is made up of premium quality materials and designed with innovative features. It is very strong umbrella which can easily resist high winds and heavy rains.

EEZ-Y 58 Inch Portable Golf Umbrella Large Windproof Double Canopy


  • It is designed with double canopy construction which allows the wind to pass easily through vents.
  • The size of this umbrella is 50" inches and can perfectly cover everything.
  • It is designed with 210T coated water repellent fabric that drys easily
  • The handle is ergonomic.
  • It is lighter and smaller in size and weight.


  • Light in weight.
  • Very strong.


  • Breakage issues.

SunTek umbrella is perfectly designed to face all kinds of weather situations. If you are living in an area with extreme wind then this umbrella is for you. It is 68"large umbrella that can efficiently face harsh weather. It is designed with silver coated double canopy that can provide good air ventilation and makes the whole umbrella strong in heavy winds. A unique feature in this umbrella is outer silver coat which reflects the heat back and keeps you cool.

Sun Tek 68


  • It is 68" in diameter and can cover two people easily.-Outer silver coat reflects all the heat back and helps you to stay cool even on a sunny day. It protects you from Uv rays and 55+ UPF for highest protection from UVA and UVB rays.
  • It is made up of 100% nylon and designed with double canopy.-It is designed with Vortec venting system.
  • Fiberglass ribs and shaft provides extra safety from lighting and makes this umbrella durable.


  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Light in weight.


  • Issues with handle.

Gustbuster golf umbrella is the best choice for golfers. This umbrella is designed with innovative features and double canopy design can shield up to two people. The shaft and ribs are made up of fiberglass frame which is solid, rustproof and strong in nature. This umbrella is strong in nature and wind tested to resist 55 miles per hour. It is light in weight and you can carry it simply in a bag.

GustBuster Pro Series Gold 62-Inch Golf Umbrella


  • Designed with 100% nylon.
  • it is designed with innovative double canopy design.
  • Shaft, ribs, and spreaders are designed with fiberglass frame.
  • It is designed with aerodynamic vents present in the lower canopy which allows the wind to pass easily.
  • It is wind tested to 55 plus miles per hour.


  • Wind tested.
  • Easy to use.


  • Breakage issues.

G4Free golf umbrella is an ultimate umbrella for all kinds of outdoor sports. Especially for Golf, this umbrella can protect you from all kinds of weathers. It is designed with hardened stainless steel coated black resin which is strong in nature. It is designed with especially double canopy design that can easily pass the wind through. It is designed with 210T pongee fabric that protects you easily. Ergonomic design EVA grip handle provides easy grip and comfortable hold.

G4Free 62/68 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella Extra Large Oversize Double Canopy Vented Windproof Waterproof Stick Umbrellas


  • It is 62-inch oversize canopy which is ideal for golfers to provide good coverage.
  • It is heavy duty design
  • It is designed with water resistant 190T pongee micro weave fabric.
  • It is light in weight, offers quick drying and mold resistant.
  • It has SPF 50+ protection
  • It is designed with automatic open functionality.


  • Comfortable to use.
  • Automatic open feature.


  • Heavy winds may cause damage.

Rainstoppers golf umbrella is an oversize umbrella designed to cover more than three people. It is designed with foam nonslip handle which provides you a comfortable grip. The umbrella frame is designed with fiberglass shaft and ribs which provide good stability. The canopy is made up of 190T nylon fabric which drys quickly.

RainStoppers 68-Inch Oversize Windproof Golf Umbrella


  • Designed with nonslip foam rubber handle.-It is designed with matching sleeve.
  • It is designed with fiberglass ribs and shaft.
  • It is an over sized umbrella


  • Best design.
  • Large coverage area


  • Not wind resistant.

Minowl golf umbrella comes in the last position of our list but not least. It is designed with all the best qualities and perfectly suits all the needs of the user. The frame is designed strong and handle is easy to hold. It is light in weight and highly durable. It is designed with single hand operation in which you can open with the press of one button.

Minowl Golf Umbrella Large 62 Inch Oversize Windproof Waterproof Auto Open


  • It is designed with over sized canopy.
  • it is heavy duty design.
  • The handle is comfortable EVA grip.
  • It is designed with sturdy frame and automatic open mechanism


  • Protects you from heavy weather.
  • Strong.


  • Issues with coverage.


Here are the top ten best golf umbrellas of 2020 along with the reviews. Now it is your time to choose the best one based on your personal preferences and requirements. Golf umbrellas protect you from harsh weather and help you to enjoy your game peacefully. Choosing the best one is essential for you to avoid any kind of damages and issues. Take your time to do your own research on the products in our list and invest in the good choice.

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