The best golf rangefinder with slope isn’t legal for tournament play, so pros may not find any use for it. But for amateurs and beginners who just want to improve their game, a golf rangefinder with slope can do a lot of wonders.

The best golf rangefinder can help you plan out distances during practice rounds. It basically takes out the guessing game, since you don’t have to guess the yardage differences caused by uphill or downhill shots.

There are many golf rangefinders with a slope function, but I have made shopping easier for the neophyte golfer by naming the top five models today.

Recommended Best Golf Rangefinder with Slope


This rangefinder struck me as a user-friendly and modern golfing apparatus.

The modern design is very impressive, with its white body framed by easy-to-grip panels on the top and bottom.

The design is also well thought-of; with users having no problem holding it for extended periods. The large, red button on top of the device can be easily pressed even when you have your glove on.

Interchangeable Faceplate

Unlike other rangefinders with slope, you can use this for tournament play. Its interchangeable faceplate allows it to do so. When the black faceplate is engaged, it can be used for tournament play because it conforms to the USGA rule.

But when you switch to the red faceplate, it deploys the unit’s Slope technology that would enable you to see adjusted distance readings based on elevation changes. Obviously, you can’t use this function for tournament play.

Aside from the feature, there are other things that I like about this rangefinder.


One is that it picks up targets very quickly. Bushnell says it is equipped with its ESP2 technology, which stands for Extreme Speed Precision. There’s no denying that the said feature does live up to its name, as it enables the device to pick up targets with impressive speed.

Jolt Technology

Another impressive feature of this rangefinder is the incorporation of Jolt technology. It is a smart function wherein the rangefinder vibrates whenever it locks onto a target. It is a user-friendly feature that I’m sure most golfers will appreciate.

This may be the best golf rangefinder with slope function but it is also among the most expensive.

Caddytek Golf Laser Rangefinder

Like the item preceding it, this laser rangefinder has a mode-switching function.

It can easily switch between non-slope and slope compensation distance display.

Thus even pros should be able to make good use of it.

One of the things I liked about this rangefinder is its ease of use. I have to note that its scan mode is one of the most intuitive I have ever encountered. It would let you scan multiple targets, giving you the distance measurements in the process. You can easily opt for the best target thanks to this feature.


Weighing less than 12 ounces, this rangefinder measures 4.1 x 1.5 x 2.9 inches. This is one of the most compact rangefinders with slope that you can find today. Its compact and sleek body means you should have no problems slipping it inside your pocket.


It also has a waterproof body, which makes it a very good companion on the golf course. You need not worry about rains affecting the measurements of this device because it can withstand unfavourable weather.

Accuracy and Speed

Basing on the reviews posted by reviewers, this rangefinder is very accurate and quick to lock on a target. Most satisfied users say that the device can pick up the pin within the first or second shot.

If there’s something I wished that Caddytek had included in this rangefinder, then it would have to be an auto scan option. But I understand that you can’t have everything in a rangefinder, so even a good model like this Caddytek will have its shortcomings.

Breaking 80 SmartSlope Golf Slope Rangefinder

Some reviewers on have gone on record saying this is the best golf rangefinder they’ve used.

And I can’t blame them, because this one really has impressive features. It can match up well with other golf rangefinders if we are to base it on features alone.


Golf rangefinders should be compact but still feel solid in hand. This is exactly what you can expect from this Breaking 80 unit. It has an ergonomically designed body, with water resistance capabilities.

Simply put, you won’t have any problems holding this rangefinder. It will also continue working even when it is raining.

The Breaking 80 device actually looks like a miniature camcorder. You can easily store it in a golf bag, and slip it in the front pocket of your shirt.

Ease of Use

Another thing that you’ll like about this rangefinder is how easy it is to operate. Its PinSensor technology really works, enabling it to measure distances quickly and accurately.

I also like how its priority mode makes targeting and measuring of distances hassle-free. The Intelliscan feature, on the other hand, allows the unit to pick out targets even if these are located afar.

I can say that this rangefinder easily locks in on a flag or bunker. It also gives consistent yardage measurements most of the time.

Plus, with its budget-friendly price, you won’t really have second thoughts in purchasing this rangefinder.

There are some reviewers on who say that the device tends to slip out of their hands. I haven’t really experienced that, though.

Bushnell Tour v3 Slope Laser Rangefinder

This is another Bushnell laser rangefinder with slope that I highly recommend.

The main difference between this one and the other Bushnell rangefinder in this list is that this one isn’t legal in tournament play.

It is really more for amateurs who want to improve their game by using a rangefinder with slope function.

There are a lot of things to get excited about this rangefinder.

JOLT Function

This Bushnell rangefinder has the brand’s familiar JOLT technology. It gives short bursts of vibration that would let you know that it has locked onto a target. What I like about this function is that you can turn it off, so in case you aren’t comfortable with it, you simply switch it off.

Ease of Use

This device has a very simple design, which should not confuse even new users. There’s only one button in it. This button is used for powering on/off the device, as well as adjusting the settings. I like the one-button configuration because it doesn’t confuse me. I guess the same goes for most novice users.

It also does a good job of picking out targets. It can quickly lock onto targets, particularly within 190 yards or less. Accuracy isn’t also compromised, with most reviewers saying they are very much satisfied with the results they get from this rangefinder.

It can struggle, however, when the targets are located more than 200 yards. And like the other Bushnell rangefinder, the V3 Slope laser rangefinder is very expensive that budget-conscious shoppers may have second thoughts buying it.

GolfBuddy LR5S Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope

This may have to be one of the easiest to use in this list of rangefinders. It is also very compact.

However, many of those who have used it say that it isn’t really the fastest when it comes to displaying measurement readings.

Ease of Use

Using this rangefinder is a no-brainer, even for golfers who haven’t used it before. You only have to point at the target, then press the button and you’ll see the measurement right away.

Three Settings

There are three targeting modes on this device—Scan, Standard, and Pin. You can activate the scan and pin modes with a click of a button. There’s no need to press and hold the button, unlike in other rangefinders.

I found the pin mode to be the easiest to use. The scan mode, on the other hand, scans an area for around 10 seconds and then gives you distance readings to other objects in the vicinity.

I have also observed that this device is very prolific at picking out targets even at 200 yards. It’s also very smart, with an automatic sleep mode that can save battery life. There’s also a battery life indicator that you can look at if you want to know when to replace the battery.

I really have no complaints with this device although I noticed that some reviewers aren’t happy with the speed of this rangefinder. They say it takes a while for it to measure yardage.

Final Verdict

These five best golf rangefinders with slope function should be able to help improve your game by leaps and bounds. I have used some of them in the golf course, and I am satisfied with how they’ve performed.

I particularly recommend the Bushnell units because of their superior features, although the other rangefinders in this list should also suffice for those who are on a budget.