Laser rangefinders may not be ideal for high handicappers, but these devices are highly recommended for golfers with low handicap as well as elite amateurs. The best laser golf rangefinders are coveted for their ease of use and accuracy.

Best Golf Laser Rangefinder 2020

best laser golf rangefinder 2019

Those are the best golf laser rangefinders of 2019. Soon we are going to write a full review in here.

Although laser rangefinders aren’t fast in getting distance measurement unlike a GPS-based rangefinder, it is still preferred by most golfers because of their precise measurements.

Also, there’s no need to download maps when using a laser rangefinder. You simply point it at the target, and then lasers are used to work out the distance.

You can point the device at flags or bunkers. Most of the best golf rangefinders have the ability to distinguish flag and trees behind it.

Top Golf Laser Rangefinder of 2020

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

This is a budget-friendly and easy-to-use rangefinder.

It has a maximum distance range of 540 yards, making it highly recommended for use in large golf courses.


This is one of the more compact laser rangefinders you can find on the market today. It weighs just 185 grams. It’s very lightweight that you can use it with one hand, especially when scanning the course. Plus, it fits easily in your pockets.

The unit also comes with a well-made case that can be attached to your belt. It’s a convenient feature that makes it easier to carry around.

Ease of Use

Unlike other rangefinders, the VPRO500 isn’t that hard to use. It’s very simple to operate. Simply point it at the object, press the power button, and you will see the measurement.

You don’t have to shut it down, too. With its automatic shut-off feature, the device will automatically shut off after 30 seconds when the device detects inactivity.


The unit is equipped with a highly advanced Pinsensor technology, allowing it to provide accurate readings of distance measurements on the golf course.

Many satisfied owners say the readings are very accurate. They even compare the readings with other rangefinders, and the VPRO500’s measurements are almost similar to those of high-end devices.


This is one affordable laser rangefinder. It is about 1/3 the price of other high-end models.

The Tour V3 builds up on the gains of the earlier golf rangefinders from Bushnell, namely V1 and V2.

Bushnell is a brand known for its hunting rangefinders, but it has shown that it can come up with solid rangefinders with this unit.

Ease of Use

Like most of the top rated laser rangefinders, this one is very easy to use. You simply press the power button on to switch on the device. Then aim at your target before pressing the primary button. After a few seconds, you’ll see the distance reading in the lens.

The device has a JOLT feature, which gives you a vibration feedback whenever it locks on the target.

It will automatically turn off after detecting inactivity for 30 seconds.


I also find this rangefinder very compact. I can easily slip this in the pocket of my shirt, or golf bag pocket. Because it is small, it should not make it hard for you to hold the device as you aim at a flag or bunker.

Battery Life

One of the concerns golfers have with using a rangefinder is the battery life of the device. Fortunately, the Tour V3 has a long battery life. According to most reviews, it can last 40-plus rounds. There’s also a battery life indicator in the viewfinder screen, so you won’t get surprised with a dead battery.

Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder

While this rangefinder isn’t strictly for use in golf, this one still gets pretty good marks or reviews on

Many reviewers on the e-commerce website say that it may be cheap, but it gets the job done, so to speak.


The Nikon 8397 weighs just 4.4 ounces sans the batteries. It measures 3.6 inches by 2.9 inches by 1.5 inches. It looks like a very small camcorder. In fact, it is also smaller than most smartphones.

While small and compact, it fits well in the palm of most adult males. It is also light that you can slip it in the front pocket of your shirt.

Ease of Use

Like the other rangefinders in this list, the Nikon 8397 is very easy to use. There’s no need to adjust any settings the first time you use it. I particularly like the simple and uncluttered display screen.

Operation is straightforward—simply press the main button, aim at your target, and you’ll see the measurement within seconds.

However, because the unit isn’t really designed for golf, the 8397 may encounter difficulties locking onto the pin on long distances. This is a common cause of concern of golfers who have shaking hands.


This rangefinder features 6x magnification, which means you can get a good view of faraway targets as well as those targets which are on the move.

And I can forgive Nikon for not giving this rangefinder a LED backlighting that is found in most of its units. Without that feature, this is still a good rangefinder by any other definition.

Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder

The Bushnell Tour V3 is basically an improved version of the V2, which had long impressed many golfers for being compact and user-friendly.

Just what you would expect from a new model, the V3 takes some of the best features of its predecessor but also brings in some new programs.

The result is one of the more highly recommended and rated rangefinders today. The Tour V3 has features similar to the Tour V2 like range performance (5-1000 yards) and accuracy (to within 1 yard).

Both units also have the same magnification (5x). Yet it also has the JOLT technology of Bushnell. This feature enables the device to provide short bursts of vibration. This indicates that the device has locked onto a target.

I’ve read a lot of reviews indicating that some golfers aren’t really fond of this technology. But with Tour V3, you have the option of turning off the feature.

What’s even more surprising is that the V3, despite being the newer version, is a lot cheaper than its predecessor. That is one more reason for you to check out this laser rangefinder.

There are other reasons why I recommend this rangefinder.

One is that it is fairly easy to use. It has just one button located on the top of the device. This power/laser button not only powers the device but also serves to adjust the settings of the rangefinder. With basically a one-button operation, you should not be confused at all in using this device.

Another is that this is one of the fastest rangefinders in terms of displaying distance readings. Moreover, the accuracy isn’t compromised with speed. You’ll get distance readings quickly and accurately with this device.

With all those great features, I wasn’t surprised to find out that this is the top rated golf rangefinder on There’s really nothing to loathe about this rangefinder. I suggest you check out this one.

Nikon COOLSHOT 20 Golf Laser Rangefinder

The biggest selling point of this rangefinder for me is its size. Measuring 9 x 7 cm, this is one of the smallest laser rangefinders I have seen.

It is even 2 cm shorter than its predecessor, which I thought was too small. It is also around 50 grams lighter than the first Nikon Coolshot.

It has 6x magnification, and accurate up to 500 yards. Although the original Coolshot has a longer maximum distance, I still say that this one has good range.

I also found this rangefinder to very easy to use. You just point it at your target, press the rear button, and you’ll get the target in the crosshairs. The rear button is also the same button you press to turn on the device.

When it detects inactivity, the device automatically shuts down to save battery power. Speaking of battery power, there’s a battery life indicator that you can check out to determine when you need to replace the battery.

Picking up flags or other objects that are up to 200 yards away is relatively easy with the Coolshot 20. But it would take some time for it to recognize a flag more than 200 yards away especially when it is windy.

Overall, it is a very solid product, which I think should be in everybody’s top 3 rangefinder list.

Final Verdict

There are many laser rangefinders in the market but I am pretty confident that I have listed down the five best today. All these laser rangefinders are compact and easy to use. I also found them to be very accurate, with enough range to aid most golfers.

So which is the best laser golf rangefinder of 2020 in this list? It is hard to tell but what I am sure of is that you’ll get your money’s worth regardless of the model you pick in this list.