Recommended Best Golf GPS Rangefinders 2018

  • Bushnell Neo Ghost
  • IZZO Swami 4000+
  • Bushnell NEO XS
best golf gps rangefinders 2018

The best Golf GPS rangefinders can significantly improve your golf game. While traditionalists frown at the use of these devices, younger golfers find a GPS rangefinder to be very easy to use.

It can make their life on the golf course easier, as they can determine how far the green is from them.

GPS rangefinders are also slightly cheaper than laser rangefinders. While their counterparts are known to be more accurate, a GPS rangefinder can provide more details of the hole and its surroundings.

It can give you an overview of the hole which would come in handy when you are in an unfamiliar course.

Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS

This is a wearable, mini GPS device that is more of an entry-level GPS rangefinder.

It’s cheap yet very useful especially for those who haven’t really used a rangefinder in their lives.

It is available in four colors (black, white, ghost, and neon green) and preloaded with more than 35,000 courses.

Although that’s a lot, it would be practical for you to check if the course you play is in is included in the online database.


At 42 grams, this unit is very lightweight. It can easily slip inside your pocket, and you may not even realize that you have it in there. Despite its size, the screen is relatively large. The screen measures around 3 cm wide, with displays for the front, middle, and back yardages.

It has a plastic clip which you can use to attach it to your bag or belt. Even though it is small and compact, the unit feels solid in hand.

Ease of Use

The unit is relatively easy to use. You can switch it on by pressing the power button located on the top of the device. When it powers up, search for courses by pressing the Menu button and then selecting Play Golf on the screen by pressing the Select button.

Browsing through the reviews on, I learned that it would only take you 40 seconds or so to find the course you are playing in. It automatically advances from one hole to the next.

The major beef that I have with this rangefinder is its poor battery life. Many reviewers on agree with me.

IZZO Swami 4000+ Golf GPS

This is another entry-level GPS rangefinder that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. It is a budget-friendly rangefinder that is relatively easy to use and has decent battery life.

However, those looking for a unit with graphics and even hole handicap info may be disappointed with this rangefinder.

Ease of Use

As you would expect from an entry-level rangefinder, the Swami 4000 is very easy to use. There are four buttons—up, down, power/enter, and page (for toggling screens). I like that the buttons are very easy to depress. It won’t take a lot to press them.

After powering on the unit, it would take a few minutes for the Swami 4000 to acquire satellite. It would then show a list of nearby courses. Select your course, and then tee it up.


Because it is an entry-level rangefinder, you can’t really expect the Swami 4000 to be loaded with features, right?

Aside from the auto-advance feature, this device does offer shot distance measurement as well as a round timer. You can also adjust the language, unit of measurement, and even the backlighting and power off settings.

In terms of accuracy, I found the Swami 4000 to be fairly accurate. There were some holes with great discrepancies. But for the most part, I was satisfied with its markings.

The major issues I have with this device is that if you desire to change the settings during a round, then you will have to go back to re-acquiring satellites. It could take another minute or so for the device to do that.

Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS

Bushell is perhaps the most recognizable brand among makers of golf rangefinders.

It again shows how good it is with this GPS rangefinder.

There are more than 33,000 courses preloaded in this pocket-sized GPS.

What’s more, you don’t have to pay any fees after you buy this device. It shows the yardages to the front, middle, and back of the green.

Ease of Use

The Neo Ghost is ready to go right out of the box. I recommend this to golfers who aren’t fond of rangefinders with distracting graphics, as well as those that take time to load. Moreover, it stays on the entire round that you don’t have to restart it.


Browsing through reviews on, I can say that many reviewers are satisfied with the accuracy of the rangefinder. They say that when compared with a laser rangefinder, the yardages provided were pretty accurate.


This pocket-size device is so compact that you can easily slip it in your pocket. I also like that it has a plastic clip that would let you attach it to your belt. Despite its size, I can say that this unit feels solid in hand.

If there’s something I hated about this rangefinder, then it would have to be its buttons. I found it to be a bit stiff to push at times.

Bushnell NEO XS Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch

This is a GPS rangefinder watch that you may want to wear the next time you hit the golf course.

It is a well-designed and ergonomic device that won't affect your swing at all.

It has a rounded face design which makes it look like your typical wristwatch.

But i found it to be lightweight and thus won't make you uncomfortable even when you're swinging the club. There are also lots of length options for golfers of all sizes.

Ease of Use

This device is ready to use right out of the box. You'll have to charge it up on the first time you use it, though. It charges via a USB cable that is included in the package.

Once it is fully charged, put the watch on and select "Play Golf." The unit then connects to GPS systems and looks for nearby courses. Choose the correct course and you're ready to go.

It has auto hole advances, which further makes it very easy to use. If you want to advance to a particular hole, press the arrow buttons on the right side.

Because this is a GPS rangefinder watch, it offers the convenience of looking down at your wrist to get the right measurement. That's something you can't do with other rangefinders.

Other Features

This watch has an auto off timer that can help conserve battery life. It automatically shuts down the device after detecting inactivity. The Tee Time Start function enables users to pre-program the device.

It would be able to turn on the GPS 7 minutes before the tee time. It also has a pedometer for tracking total time in a round and the overall distance covered.

This rangefinder though doesn't have a flashy interface as well as a scorecard feature. But I find those drawbacks forgivable

Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS

Rounding out this list is the Neo Ghost Golf which I highly recommend to casual golfers.

This is a no-frills rangefinder that should take out the guesswork in your game.

Many reviewers say the instruction manual is pretty disappointing with very few info.

But for me, this only underlines how simple and easy to use the Neo Ghost is.

The small screen of the Neo Ghost indicates the yardage to the front, middle, and back of the green. What I like about this unit is that the shot distance function is easy to use.

Press the button from where you took the shot, walk to your ball to learn the total distance. Then you press the shot button again.

Battery life

Bushnell says this device has a long battery life which would let users play three full rounds. I have not encountered problems with the battery life, though. It also helps that you can recharge this using the USB cable you often use on your smartphone.

The lack of user documentation aside, I think Bushnell did a terrific job with this entry level rangefinder.

Final Verdict

These are all solid choices if you are shopping for a golf GPS rangefinder. I picked these five models because they are easy to operate, compact, and accurate.

The Izzo Swami can match up with other rangefinders in terms of accuracy. The Bushnell units aren't that far either.

It's hard to pick just one model from this list. You can check out reviews on and you'll see how well-recommended these rangefinders are.

It is really up to you to find out which device is best for you. What I'm sure of is that any of these devices is worthy to be dubbed the best golf GPS rangefinders of 2018 in the market today.