Golf is an entertaining game and very popular game all around the world. The golf game is all about perfect equipment, practice, performance, hit, and goal. A Golfer needs to concentrate on many factors and needs ultimate practice to reach the goal.

Every golfer must own the best equipment in addition to the practice. Golf gloves are one of the most important equipment in the golf game which protects the player's hand and helps to maintain a good grip. Golfers hold the club tightly and swing it with huge force in order to hit the ball. The force and pressure may cause blisters on the player's hand and also makes the club slippery.

Golf gloves help you to maintain a good grip on the club, protects your hand from all the force and improve your overall performance. Purchasing the golf gloves is a logical task and you need to consider your needs and preferences to choose the best one. A perfect golf glove must be designed to provide safety, comfort, protection, and flexibility. Here is the buying guide which explains you everything about the golf gloves and top best golf gloves for golfers.

Best Golf Gloves 2020

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Buying Guide​

You need to consider many characteristics of the golf gloves before purchasing the best one. There are different types of golf gloves which may differ in the model, shape, hand, design, features, color, size and many other things. In the present market, there are thousands are models sold by different manufacturers in which you may get confused about the purchase decision. This buying guide explains you all the best features of golf gloves which help you to choose the right one.​

1. How did we pick:

After doing 100 hours of tremendous research with our expert team, researching on different types of golf gloves, contacting people in the sports field, reviewing all the details of different products we have done a pretty good task to choose the best one. Here are the best qualities of golf gloves which you must check before the purchase.


Materials used:

Golf gloves are mainly made up of three kinds of materials leather, hybrid and synthetic. Each glove is designed in different sizes and shapes. The quality of the materials increases the comfort and durability of the golf gloves.

Leather gloves:

Leather gloves are made up of different types of leathers. Cabretta leather, goatskin leather are two kinds of leathers which are very natural and provides a gentle feel to the skin. Cabretta leather is a high-quality leather which is made up of hair sheep which is very soft, pliable and lasts for a long time. Leather gloves stretch and give you good flexibility.

Synthetic gloves:

Synthetic gloves are made up of faux leather and look similar to the real leather gloves. Synthetic gloves last for a long time and are more flexible than the leather. But synthetic gloves do not provide good breathability like leather gloves.


Hybrid gloves are made up of a mixture of synthetic and authentic leather. Hybrid gloves provide the combination of benefits in both leather and synthetic gloves. In Hybrid gloves, the palm and finger areas are made up of real leather to provide good comfort and joints and wear points are made up of synthetic leather to decrease the force and increase durability.

Choosing the right size:

Choosing the right sized golf gloves is the most important factor you need to consider before purchasing the one. Golf gloves come in different ranges of sizes from small to large. You need to select the one based on the size of your hand. Selecting the bigger or smaller one may cause discomfort during the game.

Right siz

Weather resistant:

water resistant glove

Golfers play golf in all kinds of weathers so golf gloves must be weather resistant to avoid any damages. During winter and summer, you need to get thermal gloves which help you to maintain a good temperature inside the hand. Also, during a rainy season, the golf glove must absorb all the moisture and keeps the skin dry. It helps the user to concentrate on the game and perform the best.


Golf gloves must long for a very long time and you must select the product which lasts for a long time. The type of material used, quality of material, resistant to weather, utility, functionality all these factors impacts the durability. Many golfers suffer from low-quality gloves which may tear apart just after two games. So, make sure the product is highly durable and lasts for a long time.


Dominant hand:

Dominant hand

Golf gloves are available for both hands and you need to choose the one based on your dominant hand. If you are left handed you need to choose the left-hand golf gloves. If you are right handed you need to choose the right-hand golf gloves.

Padded system:

Few golf gloves are designed with the padded system in which special areas in your hands are made up of padded leather to reduce stress and fatigue on the hand. The padded system enables the user to play easily without any pressure on the hand.


design glove

The design of the golf gloves should be ergonomic and must be designed by specialists to bring out the best. Golf gloves help user to achieve the best performance and without the help of golf gloves, the game will be unfinished. Many manufacturers designs the golf gloves with the help of experts in the orthopedic field in order to build the best one.


Golf gloves must provide good grip on to the club to avoid any sort of mistakes in the game. In Golf, the swing is the main part which all the golfers should do with force and concentration. With a good grip on to the club, the player can apply maximum pressure and swing the club easily. Many manufacturers design golf gloves with a special pattern of holes that provides friction and grip on the club. Few golf gloves are designed with a specific pattern to provide good grip.



golf cuff

The cuff of the golf gloves should be made up of cotton to make it comfortable and easy to wear. It should feel safe and secured all around the hand.


Golf gloves should provide good support for the golfer's hand. As every swing gives back a certain amount of pressure back to the hand, the golf glove should reduce it and provide support to the hand.

glove support



As golfers play the game for a long time, golf gloves must feel comfortable on the hand. It should absorb all the moisture and keeps the skin dry. It should provide good breath-ability and flexibility. It should offer a range of motion for the user to move the hand easily. Also, it should fit properly all around the hand and must feel secure.

Easy to use:

Golf gloves should be easy to wear and easy to remove. The design of the golf gloves must be ergonomic and provide good grip on the club.


2. Reasons to trust us:

In the process of choosing the best golf gloves, we have done intense research and reviewed dozens of sources to collect all the important information. We have contacted experts in the sports section to know their requirements and needs in the golf gloves. We have spoken to manufacturers of golf gloves to know their product significance and process of manufacturing. It came into our point that many people ignore the facts and investing in wrong golf gloves which is a complete waste of time. To avoid choosing the wrong one, you need to know about right one. We have carefully examined all the features and qualities of products in our list and brought them here for you. All the products in our list are of high quality, provides the best function and highly durable.

Trust Us

3. Why you should get this:

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world and favorite game for most of the population. Golfers tend to hold and swing the club tightly which causes blisters and stress on the hand. To avoid this problem, every Golfer must need a perfect golf glove which protects golfer's hand from force, blisters, pressure. Owning the best golf gloves can help you to maintain a proper grip on the club and increases your performance in the swing. Experts in sport filed highly recommend to invest in a proper golf glove to enjoy the game with a safety.


4. How we tested:

The examination part of the golf gloves is a fun part and we have involved dozens of golfers to test our products. We have collected top thirty best products in the market and analyzed them based on the buying guide. We have selected ten golf gloves and took them for further critical analyses. We have given the ten golf gloves to golfers and asked them to use the products for one month. We have tested them for one month because we want to know the durability, functionality and best features of the product. Our golfers have used the golf gloves for one month in which they used to play golf in different types of weathers and forces. After one month we took the results from them and finalized them as our best products. All the products in our list provide the best grip on the club, resists any kind of weather, easy to use, easy to clean, made up of high-quality materials, lasts for a long time, have the best design and the best in all terms.


5. Care and maintenance:

Golf gloves need a certain amount of care and maintenance to give the best. You need to keep them clean after use and take care of all the body. If the gloves are wet, you need to carefully dry them before keeping them aside otherwise it may cause damage to the leather. Wear them properly to make sure it works perfectly.


Top Ten Best Golf Gloves of 2018

Purchasing the golf gloves is a major decision and you need to follow many conditions to choose the best one. After reading the buying guide, we hope you got a good idea about the best qualities and features of Golf gloves. Now, to choose the best one with all the features is a very tough task as hundreds of products are available in the present market. To reduce your stress and help you to find the best one, here we came up with this list of Top ten best golf gloves for this 2018.

Callaway is a popular company designing the best sports equipment from a very long time. Callaway golf gloves are our first choice in this list and designed with the best features to help golfers to have the best performance. It is made up of high-quality opti flex material which feels great, lasts for a long time, gentle to the skin and provides flexibility. Here are more exciting features about this product.

Callaway Men's Xtreme 365 Golf Gloves


  • Designed with X-Spann which gives you advanced performance. It reduces moisture, helps skin to breathe and is highly flexible.-Made up of Opti flex material which feels great and increases durability
  • Designed with Opti fit adjustable closure which is very thin, light and fits securely
  • It is made up of reinforced synthetic leather that resists all kind of weather conditions and provides good grip
  • Made up of cotton terry cuff which feels very soft and absorbs moisture.


  • Durable
  • Feels good on the skin


  • Issues with cuff

FootJoy golf gloves are the best gloves for you if you are looking for something which provides the best comfort and maximum durability. It is made up of advanced micro fiber which gives you good grip and makes it last for a long time. Premium Cabretta leather is used in the portion of thumb and palm patches to increase durability and provide good grip performance.

FootJoy WeatherSof 2 Glove


  • Designed with Premium Cabretta leather in the main portions.
  • Made up of advanced micro fiber.
  • Provides excellent grip.
  • Resistant to all kinds of weather


  • Durable
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions.


  • Too big sometimes.

Nike is one of the most famous companies which is manufacturing a different kind of sports equipment from a very long time. Nike company always gives the best to the users and designs products with supreme quality. Nike golf glove is made up of premium goatskin leather in the areas of thumb and palm to provides secured grip. It is designed with 18 textured holes which increase the grip and helps the user to maintain good balance. It is made up of stretch fabric that gives you good airflow and flexibility.

Nike 2015 Dura Feel VIII All Weather Mens Golf Gloves Left Hand (Right Handed Golfer)


  • It is made up of fabric which is 85% polyurethane, 5% premium quality goat skin leather and 10% nylon. These materials provide the user comfortable feel and give gentle fit on the skin.
  • It is designed with a perforated synthetic leather panel on the back of the hand which increases breathability and gives the best range of motion.
  • It is made up of stretch fabric in the fingers which gives good flexibility.
  • It is designed with adjustable angled tab closure which provides an ergonomic fit and good support.


  • Made up of high-quality materials
  • Highly durable.
  • Simple design.


  • Too small

MG golf gloves come in the fourth position of this list and designed with all the best qualities. It is designed with premium quality Cabretta leather skin which provides you good comfort. Medan tanning process ensures gloves to resist perspiration and moisture to increases breathability. The whole design of this gloves is very traditional, stylish and hand hugging fit.

MG Golf DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather Golf Glove


  • Made up of Cabretta leather which is of premium quality.
  • During the manufacturing process, these gloves are specialized under few technological features to improve the performance.
  • Medan tanning process gives you good breathability.


  • Best quality
  • Good breathability.
  • Easy to wear.


  • Thin leather.

Bionic golf gloves suit the best for you if you are in search for the gloves which are made up of a combination of best performance and perfection. Bionic golf gloves are designed with the help of orthopedic hand specialists who know what's best for the human hand. It is made up of high-quality materials which fit perfectly on the skin. It is designed with anatomical relief pad system which provides good safety and distributes the pressure evenly all our the hand. This system also reduces fatigue on the hand and increases strength for better performance. It is designed with pre rotated finger design which helps you to get comfortable grip

Bionic Men's RelaxGrip Golf Glove


  • Designed with patented pad system which makes the whole surface even and helps you to achieve relaxed grip.
  • It is made up of a leather palm with the synthetic back which feels great.
  • It is designed with double row finger grip system which provides lighter and stable grip.
  • It is designed with Lycra motion and web zones to provide better motion and flexibility.


  • Feels great
  • Comfortable grip.


  • Finger part is not made of leather.

GB golf gloves are specially designed based on the instructions and ideas of athletes and engineers. This product has all the best features and made up of high-quality Cabretta leather second skin to provide enhanced grip. It feels comfortable and smooth on the skin. It is smooth inside and tougher outside to resist all kinds of weather conditions.

GB Golf Second Skin Men's Golf Gloves (X-Large, Left)


  • Designed with perforations on the palm fingers to provide ventilation.
  • The second skin is made up of high-quality Cabretta leather which provides the best grip, increases durability and comfort.
  • Designed with adjustable closure to provide a secure fit.
  • It is designed with mesh back which decreases moisture to keeps your hand dry and cool


  • Best quality
  • Comfortable


  • Issues with a Velcro strap.

Taylormade gloves are made up of simple and compatible design. It is made up of full premium leather to provide ultimate comfort and hand hugging grip. It is designed with perforation for good breathability. It is designed with an ergonomic pull tab to provide the best grip.

TaylorMade Men's Stratus Sport Golf Glove


  • Designed with premium quality leather.
  • Designed with stretch Lycra panels for good fit and engineered perforation for good breathability


  • Best design.
  • Durable.


  • Weak velcro.

Callaway golf gloves are very strong, feels great, fits great and lasts for a very long time. These golf gloves are beautifully designed with the combination of comfort and durability. The leather is of very high quality and highly durable. Perforations near the fingers, palm and thumb area reduces moisture and increases breathability. It is designed with opti fit adjustable closure to fit perfectly.

Callaway Men's Dawn Patrol Golf Glove (Leather)


  • Designed with high-quality leather
  • The leather feels gentle on the skin and fits perfectly.
  • Cotton terry cuff gives the soft and smooth feel.
  • Perforations help your skin to breathe easily.


  • Well designed.
  • Reduces moisture


  • Tores sometimes

Bionic gloves are one of the high-quality golf gloves designed with advanced technological features. These gloves suits for all kinds of golfers learner to experts everyone can enjoy all the benefits of this bionic golf gloves. It is designed with bionic patented pad technology which increases comfort and flexibility. It is designed with three-dimensional finger pads which contours your fingers shape naturally and provides your ultimate grip, comfort, and durability.

Bionic Gloves –Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove


  • It is made up genuine leather which provides comfort and extra support.
  • The padded system offers you double amount of strength during every swing.
  • Perspiration system allows your skin to breathe easily.-It is very flexible in nature.The pre rotated finger design allows you to move your hand easily.
  • Terrycloth interior manages moisture and keeps your skin happy.


  • Best design.
  • Easy to wear.


  • Fingers are thick.

Titleist players gloves are made up of best quality materials and designed to serve all the needs of users. It is made up of premium quality leather and it fits very easily. It is rain resistant and absorbs all the moisture quickly.

Titleist Men's Players Golf Glove


  • Designed with comfortable hand flex.
  • Made up of tanned Ethiopian Cabretta leather.
  • Perspiration system helps you to keep your skin dry.


  • Durable.
  • Good fit.


  • Issues with grip.


So, here is the list of top ten best golf gloves of 2020 with all the best features. Now it is your time to select the one according to your personal preferences and needs. Selecting the right glove helps you to improve the game and makes the whole game enjoyable. Before purchasing ensuring the best qualities and feature is a very important task and protects your investment.

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