What Makes Golf and Skateboarding Similar?

Golf and skateboarding are among those sports with a few similarities. If you are a sports lover, then both of them are among those that you ought to try. While the overall procedures of playing golf and skateboarding are different, they actually share plenty of similarities. Some of these similarities are noticeable in the following aspects:


Both golf and skateboarding actually focus more on the individual players. Both sports are not played by a team. That said, it is only the player who will have full control over the results. While it is possible for you to get all the coaching you need for golf and skateboarding, you, as an individual player, will still be solely responsible for the end result.

For instance, if you are a skateboarder who was unable to rotate your body enough, then you won’t be able to land your intended trick. On the other hand, if you are a golfer who hits the ball at impact, then you can’t expect it to travel your desired distance. Considering all those situations, getting rid of the struggles associated with golf and skateboarding and guaranteeing your success when playing the sports will actually be based on your own skill.

Skills Needed

You will also notice some similarities in the skills required for golf and skateboarding. If you are a skater, then you will need to practice a dominant rotating direction, which is somewhat similar to the dominance that a golfer requires when he swings either right or left. Also, just like golfers, it is important for a skater to work on a specific jump until his consistency becomes automatic.

One more similarity is that similar to a golf shot, your jump when you are skateboarding will only take a split second. Any creeping doubt might also cause the jump to go sideways invariably.

Professional Structure

Another similarity that you will most likely notice between golf and skateboarding is their professional structure as it is known to be tiered or ranked. Golf, for instance, have different categories of tours – the ones for seniors, those for professionals, those for women, and those for amateurs.

The same goes for skateboarding, which holds contests designed only for veterans in the field. The sport also holds separate contests for women and amateurs. There are also two primary professional tours in skateboarding – the Dew Tour and the Street League.

With that in mind, it is safe to assume that both sports have a few elite professionals who receive heavy endorsements and higher pay. They are then followed by a huge group composed of non-elite yet talented and regular professionals. The next tier is composed of some professionals who tend to come out in the industry from time to time. However, they are still unable to get their desired endorsements.

Last in the rank are the amateurs – the ones who are still struggling to turn themselves into professionals in either golf or skateboarding.

Trips Involved

Golf and skateboarding are also two of those sports that involve going on trips. In fact, a lot of golfers make it a point to travel to other places with their loved ones or friends just to enjoy playing the sport on the best golf courses all over the world. You can see golfers traveling to other places, like Hawaii, Arizona, and the United Kingdom just to try new golf courses.

Just like golfers, skateboarders are also willing to go on trips to other locations just to try their top complete skateboard in the ideal skate spots and parks. You can usually see these skateboarders traveling to Spain, South California, Australia, and Oregon.

Quality of Gears Required for the Sport

Golf and skateboarding also require high-quality gears to be able to enjoy both sports fully. In most cases, skateboarders have to invest in a high-quality, top complete skateboard, which has all the components and features they need for a more exciting experience. The same goes for golf that also requires high-quality gears, including golf clubs and golf balls.



In terms of media presence, both golf and skateboarding are also quite similar. Both sports have excellent and strong media presence considering the fact that most of the top professionals in the field are featured in magazines. You can also see the sports being broadcasted on televisions. Furthermore, they have a strong internet or social media following considering the fact that numerous websites are now established for both sports.


Golf and skateboarding are indeed among the most popular sports today with a few similarities. In terms of brand marketing, both sports are also prominent considering the fact that various logos and brands of products sold in the two fields are also so popular today.